Piura (Máncora)

PIURAThe department of Piura is located in the northwest of Peru and extends over a varied geography from the desert to the high zones of the Andean region. Formerly these lands were inhabited by the Tallán culture, which arrived from the Andes in search of a place with better conditions; their beautiful ceramics was the most important legacy.
The capital of the same name is a dynamic and tidy city, famous for the cheerful and hospitable spirit of the settlers. It is famous also for its music (Tondero and Marinera), the exquisite food and the varied crafts, like the floral ceramics of the Chulucanas, flower arrangements, straw weaves and the gold and silver filigrees.

Piura has become a productive zone by the resources of the coast, and the use of its land. It owns beautiful beaches of white sand and transparent waters and it is privileged with a climate that it invites to relax, enjoy and to practice adventure sports or fishing.

Piura has a warm climate with an annual average temperature of 24°C, with sunny days throughout the year and fresh nights. Also it has one rainy season between the months of February and May.



Piura owns some of the most beautiful beaches of the Peruvian coast. Thus we find Bayóbar and its secret beaches, known by the transparency of its waters, the abundance of fish and occasionally, by its great waves, ideal for the practice of surf. Soon we find Colán, the favorite spa of the piuranos, with its characteristic terrace houses built on wood pilings. Following the coast towards the north, we find Cabo Blanco, considered as the best place of the world for the deep-sea fishing in the 50 ‘ s and 60 ‘s, and at the moment, as the Mecca for thousand of surfers. Also the beaches of Los Organos, Vichayito and Las Pocitas are beautiful beaches where the tourist development has been oriented to the rest and relaxation. Palms, very well cared gardens, white sands, a warm and calm sea, and a lukewarm breeze characterize this zone.

Finally we find the cosmopolitan Máncora, at 182 km from Piura, which has approximately 20 km of beaches. The lukewarm waters and the waves make it as ideal place for the practice of surf. Máncora is today a gathering point for surfers of all nationalities, who turn this calm creek of fishermen into a permanent celebration.

Located just 4 kms from the center of Mancora south with a total length of approximately 6 kms , ” Pocitas ” as it is popularly known , is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Peru . Access is by foot, taxi or bike ride from Mancora or from Vichayito and Organs .
In Playa Pocitas there a quieter environment and why not to say unique , thanks to the relative distance from the town center and the price / quality of its tourist facilities . Many palm trees by the sea turquoise tropical white sand give the feature that many adore this place.

Its curious name is because in its beach , at low tide , delicious natural rock pools are formed. This feature , unique in the entire Peruvian coast , with beautiful villas and hotels , resulting in an idyllic and cozy, ideal for relaxing with family. The geographical name of this beach is Mancora Chico, although the world knows by Pocitas or Pocitas Beach .

It has one main street , which is the old Panamericana Norte , a confirmed way torn between the beach and a nice cliff. Asphalt is available in Pocitas , many palm trees at the edge of the turquoise sea , white sand give the tropical feature that many love this place.

This beach offers hotels, lodges and upmarket beachfront bungalows , some with bars and restaurants services of good standing, waiting for your visit for you to enjoy one of the most beautiful resorts in the Peruvian coast.

At 12 kilometers from Piura is Catacaos, the “capital of the piurano popular art”. It is a racially mixed and catholic town, of ingrained customs, that stands out mainly by its works of jewellery, gold and silver filigree, as well as by the production of the colorful hats made of straw or “catacaos” and the well known engraved mates.

The town of Chulucanas is located at 60 km from Piura. It is a cheerful and warm city whose settlers, descendants of the Tallanes, rescued their old ceramists’ techniques for the production of the most beautiful clay crafts. At present, the art of the teachers of Chulucanas is recognized world-wide.

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