TUMBRESTumbes is a coastal region in northwestern Peru. Due to the region’s location near the Equator it has a warm climate, with beaches that are considered among the finest in Peru. Despite its small area, this region has been privileged with a great variety of ecosystems. The Tumbes Region is bordered by Ecuator on the east; Peru’s Piura’s region on the south; and by the Pacific Ocean on the north and west.
Their land was inhabited by the old settlers like the Tumpis, who were dedicated to hunting and fishing, and gave rise to their name. With the arrival of Spaniards and the Conquista of Peru, Tumbes later became an important meeting point with Europe at the time of the colonialism and the viceroyalty. Today being a bordering zone, it counts for an important international transit and commercial movement.

A territory of extreme landscapes makes Tumbes in a kind of a small paradise: towards the extensive west a blue ocean and the coast, and towards the east shows green hills and tropical forests. Its famous coast, with its beautiful beaches of warm and crystalline waters is the one that attracts most visitors, the home of herds of dolphins and tropical fish is ideal for the practice of adventure sports and submarine fishing.

Due to its geographic situation, close the equatorial line, it is a warm and humid climate throughout the year. The annual average temperature is 24°C, the highest reach 40°C. It has sunny days all the year round with fresh nights.



The main attractions of Tumbes are its beaches, which count with a comfortable and appropriate hotel infrastructure. Punta Sal is located at 79 kilometers from the city of Tumbes; this is perhaps the most paradisiacal zone of the north of Peru: sun, white sand, warm and crystalline waters. With first class tourist services it is considered one of the best for the practice of nautical sports. Following the coast towards the north, at 26 km from Tumbes is the Zorritos Beach located with warm waters that reach 26°C. Finally, the beautiful beach of Puerto Pizarro, at 13 km from the city, port of entry to the National Sanctuary of the Mangroves of Tumbes, where it is possible to enjoy delicious meals made with fruits of the sea and to appreciate the vegetation of the area.

National sanctuary of Mangroves of Tumbes
At 23 kilometers from the city of Tumbes we can find this wonderful 2972 hectare forest, which mainly consists of five mangrove species. The mangroves form extensive aquatic forests that create a wonderful atmosphere between the river and the sea. In them lie the black shells for the most famous dish of marinated raw fish. It is a natural beauty, with labyrinths and marshes, refuge and a nutritional source of numerous species of crustaceans, mollusks, fish and a varied fauna.

National Park of Cerros de Amotape
It is located in the limit of the departments of Tumbes and Piura, at 35 kilometers from the city of Tumbes. It has an extension of 91,300 hectares with a varied relief, since it combines the tropical dry forest with hills of the chain of La Brea (Amotape).


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